What to Do Before Getting Eyewear


Are you looking for a good eyewear? Are you on a vacation in England? Worry not; there are a lot of opticians in Kent, which could actually do the trick for you. But before looking for the perfect eyewear, you should first have your eye examined by an ophthalmologist or optometrist for proper visual treatment.

eye-examinationEye Examination– Eye exams are the tests used to find out what specific condition your eye is in.  Whether you have a single refractive need such as myopia or hyperopia, or if your eye is in need for lenses for astigmatism, it needs an eye examination all the same. Eye examinations help you determine what type of lenses you need, but before that here are some things to remember before getting an eye examination.

Book your Examination

It is not necessary nowadays to go the clinic to get an eye examination reservation. This time, you can actually book your examination online through a company’s website. This will save you time and avoid any delays.

Come on Time

It’s also very important not to cause any delay in the operation of the eye clinic. If you want to get an eye examination, then come on time.

Types of LensesIt is also very important to know the type of lenses that you will need after your eye examination. It is like a drug prescription by a doctor whenever you go to a hospital for consultation.  With the proper lens appropriate for your condition, you will be able to perform your daily routine well.

  • SIngle-Vision-620x318Single Vision Lens

Single vision lens are provided if you only need correction in one field of vision. This could be either in a distance vision, arm length or near vision.

  • Bifocal Lenses

This type of lens is divided in two segments. The upper segment is for distance use and the lower segment is for the purpose of reading. Bifocal lenses allow you to use one eyeglass that serves two purposes all at the same time.

  • generic-progressive-lensesVarifocal/ Progressive Lenses

Varifocal lense combines three different prescriptions in one clear lens. It allows you to see in distance vision, arm length vision and near vision. The upper part of the lens serves as the tool for distance vision while the middle part of the lens is for the purpose of arm length vision. On the other hand, the lower part of the lens is for the near vision.

  • readingEnhanced Reading Lenses

The enhanced reading glasses are specifically designed for people who are constantly engaged in multitasking. An enhanced reading lens can provide you optimum clarity from 40cm (16 inches) for closer reading, right up to 2m (6 feet 6 inches) away.


Before deciding to get eyewear, you first need to get an eye examination. This will help you determine the kind of lenses that will be suitable for your condition. Also, there are different types of lenses that you could use depending on your needs. You might need a single vision lens, bifocal, varifocal and enhanced reading lenses. In Kent, England, you will see a lot of opticians but what’s important is for you to familiarize yourself on what to do before getting an eyewear.



Things To Know In Choosing An Eye Specialist


Like any other doctors, each one of them got specializations. We might say that when symptoms persist, consult a doctor. Yet, you can never have your brain checked by an OB GYN. Just the same thing is applied with an optician. They have their own specialties when it comes to eye care. So it would be best for you to know the specifications of the eye specialists.

2The Optometrist

Usually, we call optometrists, who treat and practice eye care and services. They have undergone training for their capability of diagnosing the any condition of your vision just like the common cases of astigmatism, low vision, vision therapy and prescription of either contact lenses or eyeglasses.

The Optician

header-imageThe optician is the one does the evaluation the prescriptions of lenses done by the patient’s optometrist or ophthalmologist. There are a lot of opticians all around the world, and if you are in Europe, Opticians Leicester are just the best for your eye care. Also tasked to do the repairs, adjusting, dispensing and replacing all kinds of eyewear and assigned to measure the face of the clients.  You may be sometimes get overwhelmed of what to pick when it comes to choosing the frames and the lenses, so, the optician will be the one to assist you with that. After the choosing step, the optician will also be the one to do the follow ups of orders and checking of eye products if they are in their best condition.

The Ophthalmologist

iStock_000011770383XSmallAn ophthalmologist is the one that holds the doctors of medicine title. That one who undergone the medical school completely with the follow up specializations with a hospital, specifically the medical and surgical training related to eye care. The ophthalmologist only has the right to give the complete eye care and services for his clients that may vary depending on the client’s needs. Ike for example the eye examination for vision services, medical conditions of the eyes such as the cataracts, tumors, glaucoma and sores. Also, they will be able to diagnose certain diseases that are related to the eye condition of his clients such as arthritis and diabetes. The ophthalmologist is also the once performing the plastic surgery within the areas of the eyes.

So, now that you already know who is who, evaluate yourself what you kind of services that corresponds to every specialization these eye doctors have to cater to your special needs. Your eyes are as important as any other part of your body. Don’t just wait for things to get worst before giving its needed attention and proper care. Just remember where to go and whom to talk in times of eye damage and discomfort. Choosing the right eye doctor will give you an urgent solution for any eye problems you have, don’t waste time getting yourself into the wrong doctor with a different specialty. That’s not just kind of shameful but this will worsen your eye concerns if not given the exact remedy as fast as possible.

Opticians: The Eye’s Saviour


Having poor eyesight is not a good thing. As you know, you use your sense of sight all the time. It is one of the most important organs in the body and it is a must that you always pay attention to them for they can easily be damaged. There are times that even if you take care of your eyes, they will still be damaged and will cause you poor eyesight. The good thing is there are a lot of opticians now that will help you correct your vision and get perfect vision once again. If you happen to live in Wilmslow, worry no more for there are good opticians in Wilmslow and they will surely help you with your vision problem.

The Eyes

optician (1)As mentioned earlier, the eyes are one of the most important body part you have, it allows you to see everything around you and gives the color of life. If not for the eyes, you will live in darkness for a lifetime. The eyes are made up of muscle tissues which are soft and delicate making them fragile. The eye needs to be taken care of more carefully than the other organs, which are made of more solid substance. Also, the eyes are very sensitive to stuff like dust, bright lights and etc. so you also need to pay attention to eye care, and to help you with that comes the professional optician.

Responsibilities of an Optician

Opticians are people who are qualified to check on your eyes to see if your vision is still in its 20/20 or the normal vision for human. They also read prescription for visual correction and create glasses and contact lens for it. These opticians will be the one to help those people who already have poor eyesight and can’t see objects from a very far distance or can’t see objects in a very near distance. Opticians will be the one to correct people’s vision so that they can have normal sight again.

86506507They will help you take care and bring back your normal vision by creating glasses and contact lenses that will suit the grade of your eyes. Aside from checking your eyes and correcting your vision, opticians will also design the glasses you want, they will make you choose from different designs so that you will feel comfortable in your new accessory, which is the glasses or the contact lens. In general, these opticians will be the one to tend to your needs in relation to your eyes and your vision. They will save you from having poor eyesight and make you see again clearly. They will turn your damaged eyes into a pair of brand new sight organs with the use of glasses and lenses. These opticians are really your eyes’ savior.

If you’re thinking about the condition of your vision, it is a good thing to visit the nearest optician in your place and get your eye checked to see if you still have normal eyesight. If it happens that you are now having an eyesight problem, sure enough your optician will help you in that problem. Spare a little of your time, visit an optician in Wilmslow and have the proper eye care!